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Newsletter 18 - July 3rd 2020

Kia ora

How exciting, actual holidays! The last holiday break was lost amongst the lockdown so wasn’t really a break. I hope everyone is able to make the most of this one and enjoy an exciting adventure or two that extends beyond what was allowed last time. I look forward to hearing about what everyone got up to next term.

When students arrive back next term there will be new carpet in Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and in the library. This will be started on Monday when the first 3 rooms are being done and then there will be a day before the remaining rooms are completed. We will move as much furniture as we can today but might need a hand next Tuesday or Wednesday just swapping some things around. If assistance is required I’ll put out a school stream in the morning. I would imagine it will take a few people less than half an hour to get things sorted.

Along with the new carpet going down there is also going to be a new water connection put in (you’ll see it’s been started outside the school already) and a few new windows. This will then bring an end to the renovations that were started during the summer break. Early in the term we will have an official opening of these new areas and a bit of a celebration to mark the completion. Watch this space.

On Thursday morning we had our Matariki celebration which included a shared breakfast. The children were able to perform waiata and the school haka which was amazing to see. Thank you to everyone who lent us a toaster or supported in some other way. It was great to have so many parents in attendance.

Just a note on the FoLS AGM that is coming up next term on July 21 at 7:00. There are positions becoming vacant that will need to be filled. Linzi Keen has come to the end of her time as FoLS Chairperson and will step down at the AGM. Sarah Cooper who is the treasurer will also be stepping down from her role due to a move to Te Anau. For anyone interested please come to the AGM or get in touch to find out more. It is worth noting that FoLS does a lot for our school and it is a great way to help out working alongside a great bunch of people.

Speaking of great bunches of people. I’d like to sign off this term with a huge shout out, and thank you, to all of the staff here at Lumsden School, teachers and support staff alike. They constantly go above and beyond what is expected of them, sometimes to extremes! This last term (and a bit) has been particularly interesting at times, and they have stepped up, embraced challenges, and worked collaboratively to solve problems. Our students are incredibly fortunate to have them here, giving 100% every single day. Thanks to all of you!

Have a great break everyone, see you next term.

Ka kite ano,

Callum Tytler

Acting Principal



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