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Newsletter 30 - November 19th 2021

Kia ora koutou

What a week it’s been! A bit of a cold snap this week is a clear indication that the heating has been turned off for the year. Isn’t that always the way! Thankfully we’re ending with a bit of sun and warmth which is great.

Sadly, Launchpad has ended for the year. We’ve been very lucky to have our Launchpad educators with us during the year delivering this programme. We really appreciate the involvement they’ve had with the school and hope to be able to continue with this again next year.

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have John Parsons join us for the day. John is a Cyber Safety and Risk Assessment Consultant. John worked with our students during the day, with teachers after school and then with parents Tuesday evening. The number of parents this year was three times that of last year which was great! I think it is fair to say that everyone who came got something out of this and it was well worthwhile attending. We’ve managed to book John in again for next year so stay tuned for that.

If you are interested, he has a book called Keeping Your Children Safe Online, which can be found here: Next week I will send out a series of videos that John has shared with us which is a great resource to have.

Our prizegivings will be December 14. We will have a whole school prizegiving during the day which will held at NSC. Parents will not be able to attend this event but we will make sure it is recorded so people have access to it like we did with Kapa Haka.

Our Year 6 farewell with their speeches will be that night from 6:00 pm. We are able to invite parents to this farewell with appropriate measures in place, including limited numbers of attendees. There will be an RSVP notice going home with the Year 6 students next week.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Ka kite ano

Callum Tytler



Welcome to School

Welcome back to Leah King this week, Leah has joined Room 5.


Lumsden Values SILVER AWARD Winner

Maira with her Silver Award Certificate, having earned 40 Gotchas so far this year.


Lumsden Values BRONZE AWARD Winner

Trev with his Silver Award Certificate, having earned 20 Gotchas so far this year.


Silver Award Winners Lunch

Our Silver Award winners enjoying their lunch at Route 6 this week.


Maths in Room 2

Mrs Falconer had some Room 2 students out in the carpark doing maths.



Another couple of cases of headlice this week so please check your child/ren’s hair vigilantly. Early symptoms are itchy scalp, especially behind ears. You may see live lice on the scalp, or hard, pale grey or yellow-white eggs like grains of salt attached to the hair, close to the scalp.


School Lawns

We have an alphabetical roster of all school families for mowing the area at front of school and by the staff carpark. Each family gets a turn once every 2-3 years. Here are the guidelines to follow:

¨ Pick up the school mower shed key from the Four Square Supermarket

¨ Check the mower has fuel and fill from can in shed if necessary. Please let the school know if petrol can is low and we will refill

¨ Check the map attached to the mower showing which areas to mow

¨ Catcher loads of grass can be emptied around the back of the school next to the sports container. Top mower up with fuel, when finished and return key to Four Square Supermarket.

The roster for the next few weeks is:

· 20/21 November Hejzlar Family

· 27/28 November Henry Family

· 4/5 December Grant Family

Thank you for your support with keeping our school looking great, it is much appreciated.



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