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Newsletter 8 - March 25th 2022

Kia ora, Kamusta, Hallo, Nǐ hǎo, Namaste, Ahoj, Hello and Bula

This term there has been a lot going on. Covid regulations have added to everyone's workload. Staff have noticed that students have been more easily upset than usual. We all attended an online webinar with Nathan Wallis and Lance Burdett called "Engage Your Brain and Adapt to Adversity." This helped us to understand that the extra stress load on everyone during a pandemic means that even small things can upset people. We have been teaching students about how to regulate their emotions. Ask your child to tell you about the Zones of Regulation.

Have a great weekend!



Room 5 Portraits


Heart Kids

Last Friday we raised money and awareness for Heart Kids NZ. Our school has raised a total of $294.10 so far. If you still want to make a donation please text LUMSDEN to 2427 to donate $3. You can also deposit money into Heart Kids NZ ASB Bank 12-3209-0368133-02 Reference= LUMSDEN/your name


Partnership Hui

Our Lumsden School Partnership Hui next week will serve three purposes.

  1. We want you to help us learn more about your child so we can better meet their needs and interests in class.

  2. We want to share information about how your child has settled into class routines and their emerging learning needs we have noticed.

  3. We want to talk with you about using Seesaw to show progress/achievement and next learning steps. Have you got Seesaw on your phone? Can you access it on a laptop or tablet? What did you think of the recent post about your child’s writing which was tagged REPORTING?


SAFE - Bike Well

Cycling Southland will be at Lumsden School next Thursday and Friday running a Bike Well Programme. This programme aims to equip students with the skills they need to enjoy riding their bikes, whether for recreation or transport. Funding for the programme is provided by the Invercargill City Council, the Southland District Council, and Waka Kotahi - New Zealand Transport Agency.


Vivid Verbs

The students in Room 1 had a collaborative writing challenge on Monday. They had ten minutes to craft a short piece of writing about long jump. They had to make use of VIVID VERBS and write no more than three sentences. Here are some examples.

As I wobble up to the white plate, I shimmied back and bolted as quick as possible. I flew up into the air and I felt like a bird as I flew off. I got ready to drop like a boulder "smash" my feet sunk into what felt like quick sand.

Kahn and M.J.

I started to shiver before my turn and I galloped to the mat and flew through the air. I felt like I leapt through the air like a flying frog. I thumped on the sand and I had done an incredible jump.

Elsie, Briar and Charlotte

I thundered down the runway to the pit. I leapt over the jump line into the soft pit of sand. I hit the soft pit of sand violently.

Anakin and Cooper


Cheese Rolls

FoLs are planning a cheese roll fundraiser to raise money to finish the upgrade of our school library shelving. Order forms will go out next term and we will be making the cheese rolls on the 17, 18, 19 May at the NSC kitchen from 5.30pm - 9.30pm. We may not need all 3 nights but please put these dates in your calendar and come and help make cheese rolls to support and school and tamariki.


Dyslexia - Structured Literacy

Brains grow and develop new connections in response to experiences. This is called neuroplasticity. Structured literacyhelps rewire brains so that reading and writing can become more fluent.


Growing Stars

Growing Stars is a workshop developed to support 6 to 12 year old children with the emotional impact of living and learning with difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia. It also helps parents. To find out more contact or phone 027 201 6951.


Senior Classrooms - Storage Upgrade

There was great excitement on Wednesday when new large tote trays arrived for Room 2. FOLS have raised $2000 for furniture and this has allowed us to upgrade our classroom storage. On Friday two more tote tray units arrived for Room 1. Thanks to Castlerock Farming Co for their generous donation of $2000.

With students having books, sunhats, stationery and masks to store, small tote trays were not sufficient. There was also a shortage of trays and not all senior students had one. We can now get organized and keep our belongings in one place. The colours look amazing and really brighten up the rooms.


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