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We are an EI4Life (Emotional Intelligence for Life) school. Our purpose is to develop a caring, safe learning environment where students’ life-long learning thrives. After consultation with whānau, students and the community, our key values are ‘we are kind’ and ‘we always try our best’. We aim to develop independent, self-managing, self-motivated, empathetic tamariki in pursuit of their personal best.



We have a bike track on our school grounds that was originally planned by senior students. It is a community resource, often used by groups from our local high school and early childhood centres. We have 32 bikes and helmets in a range of sizes available on site to be used by our students. This was made possible by generous sponsorship.

Bike Track


Lumsden School’s curriculum delivery is enriched by:
Outdoor Education 

  • Year 5-6 camps

  • Junior trips

  • Whole school experiences

  • Winter Adventure Day


Culturally responsive approach to teaching and learning 

  • Strong relationships with students and whānau

  • Integration of te reo me ōna tikanga Māori

  • Whānau groups

  • Whare tapa whā time

Structured Literacy

Using the iDeaL scope and sequence lessons are taught in an explicit way. Teachers follow a specific guideline, students are placed in groups according to where they are at in their learning journey, each concept taught is in the order research has indicated support students to make connections and retrieve prior knowledge gained. Concepts are taught in an ordered lesson format and these are linked to reading, writing and handwriting. Structured Literacy is taught in all classrooms from Year 0-6. 


  • Pre Concepts Stage the students learn letter sounds.

  • Phonological Awareness which is taking the prior learning further.  They learn to match the sound to the written letter. 

  • The next stage is Alphabetic Principle where lessons bridge the students' understanding of what the letter sounds like and looks like to reading and writing the sounds and letters they know.  

  • After this teachers use the iDeaL Spelling Stage lessons, stages 2-4.  Eight lessons teaching each concept are taught over a two week period. Usually there are four lessons per week. 

  • Extra lessons are given for students who a neurodiverse.  

  • We have also streamed classes so we ensure students are learning at the correct stage.


The Arts 

  • Biannual school production

  • Opportunities for children to showcase their talents


Integrated Learning 

  • Learning topics are interesting and relevant


Digital Technology 

  • 1:2 ratio of devices schoolwide to allow children to become 21st century learners

  • Variety of technology including chromebooks, iPads, TVs in each class and the staffroom

Learning For Life


Kapa Haka is an incredibly important part of our school culture! Our school Waiata was written by Willie Solomon and our school Haka was written by students, then translated and developed by Parker Ormond.


We perform annually at Murihiku Polyfest and were the champions of the Novice Section at Ngā Putangitangi in 2017. Our Kapa Haka is a real source of pride for our ākona, whānau and community.


We practise weekly for the last half hour on Tuesdays and whānau are more than welcome to come and watch or join in. 

Polyfest Performances Playlist / Kapa Haka Waiata Playlist


Kapa Haka
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