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Newsletter 33 - October 31 2019

Dear School Friends and Families

Two short busy weeks…. Hope you enjoyed some good family time during the long weekend between.

Last week Brad Johnston, Fire Wise Coordinator (Southland) and Senior Invercargill Firefighter spent Monday morning at school leading Fire Safety lessons with each class. We really appreciated local fire fighters Ben Reed, Shona Dixon, and Stevie Perry, giving up their time to support Brad with delivering this important programme. Hopefully the children came home and shared some of their learnings with you.

Looking forward to Pet Day on Friday, which is always a special school community event. Thank you to all the helpers who have volunteered their time for judging etc, including the FoLS committee members for arranging the BBQ.

Exciting week next week as heaps of great learning experiences await the Year 5 and 6 children in Dunedin, including an overnight stay at the museum, Otago University marine study, Early Settlers Museum, not to mention Moana Pool and an Amazing Race! During their absence, Room 1 and 2 Year 4 children will be combining, and I will be happily leaving my office empty to put on a teaching hat for the week.

Two teams of four senior children will be putting their golf practice into play on Monday at the Mossburn Golf Course, having been entered in the Primary Schools Golf competition. Mrs (Lois) Mitchell’s time and help with coaching them has been greatly appreciated.

Great to have a group of visitors from Share the Road today talk to all the children about Bike Safety and the benefits of biking, prior to the upcoming Tour of Southland event. We will be out there in force at the finish line to cheer the cyclists into Lumsden on Monday at about 2:20pm. Be great if lots of you were free and able to join us.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend (Hope the good weather forecast brings the warmth it promises!).

Ka kite ano

Andrew Watson




Lumsden Values SILVER AWARD Winners

Indy, Parker, Seby and Tate with their Silver Award Certificates, having earned 40 Gotchas so far this year.


Bible in Schools Donations

Donations towards the cost of books for the children who attend Bible in Schools would be much appreciated. The approximate cost for each child is $7.50. Please send any donations along to school in a named envelope. We can then forward these on to the LBK Presbyterian Church who provide the books.


Writing from Room 3

When I went to kindergarten I was frightened and I didn’t know where to go “Hi”, said a voice. It was a girl Kushine. So she showed me around and we became best friends!!!

By Ashleigh

When we were checking the paddock we suddenly got stuck in the dirty, muddy paddock.

By Charlotte

Me and Dad were on the way to the silage. Suddenly the tractor got stuck in the mud and lots of farm workers came to help us. We got it out with another tractor.

By Lithu

A long time ago I ran up the hill and I said, “Oh, no … OH NO!” I was stuck in the stinky cow poo!

By Zakylah

A long time ago me and one of my uncles, Wayne, got stuck in a hole down at the river. We were going rabbit shooting.

By Heath


Firewise at Lumsden School

Brad Johnston teaching Room 3 important Firewise skills last week, supported by members of the local fire brigade.


Share the Road Visit

Hannah, Saige, Elsie and Angus modelling the various Tour of Southland jerseys during the visit from the Share the Road team this week.



School Lawns Roster

We have an alphabetical roster set up of all the school families for mowing the school lawns so each family only gets a turn once every couple of years. If the date doesn’t suit please contact the school and we can swap as necessary. Thanks for your support with this.

Here are the guidelines to follow (if you have any queries please contact the school office):

· Pick up the school mower shed key from the Four Square Supermarket

· Check the mower has fuel and fill from can in shed if necessary. Please let the school know if petrol can is low and we will refill

· Check the map attached to the mower showing which areas to mow

· Catcher loads of grass can be emptied around the back of the school behind the sports container (container closest to carpark).

· Top mower up with fuel, when finished and return key to Four Square Supermarket.

The roster for the upcoming weeks is:

9/10 November Henry Family

16/17 November Hyde Family




MNS Toy Library Fundraiser - to keep the toy library going. Funds raised will go towards the operational costs of the toy library. If you haven't checked it out already, the Toy Library is situated at 33 Pluto Road, Lumsden (in the Playcentre Hall). Lots of toys, equipment and puzzles. Plenty to keep young people busy both indoors and outdoors. Ages 0-8yrs.

Catering items fundraiser - Foil, baking paper and wrap. All bulk sizes so you don't have to run out and great for stocking up for the festive season. Thank you for your support!!


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