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Newsletter 10 - April 8th 2022

Kia ora, Kamusta, Hallo, Nǐ hǎo, Namaste, Ahoj, Hello and Bula

This has been a busy week. We have seen a sharp incline in our number of positive Covid cases. Thanks to everyone for notifying us of of all positive tests so that we can keep the Ministry of Education and our community informed about what is happening. We are hoping that the school holidays, starting at the end of next week, will help reset things. Thanks to staff for their flexibility at this time. It has been great working with a team of people who all step up to do their part when it is needed.

Have a great weekend!



Next Week

  • Vaccination Clinic 12 April

  • Free Book Swap 13 April

  • FOLS Cheese roll order forms home on Thursday

  • Term ends Thursday 14 April

Coming Up

  • Term 2 starts Monday 2 May

  • FOLS Cheese Roll Fundraiser - keep 17, 18 or 19 May free

  • Mid Dome Cross Country - date in middle of Term 2 TBC

  • Science and Technology - Forces and Motion - Term 2 Integrated Learning Unit


The Great Fire of London - Rooms 1 & 2


Book Swap - Holiday Reading

Next week on Wednesday 13 April we will be holding a Book Swap at Lumsden School. Students can bring in up to 10 books each. They must be in good condition. These can be dropped off in the morning to Room 3 and each book will be worth one credit each. At lunchtime students can return to spend their credits and select books to take home. Any books left over will be given away to other students for holiday reading.


Working Bee - Sunday 10th April 1pm

This working bee is to remove old wood chips and to replace them with pea gravel in one of the playgrounds. It would be much appreciated if we can get a few people along, as this has to be done! Also, we will have a general tidy up of the grounds and gardens.

Please contact Jeff Keen 021678643 if you are able to make it and for tool requirements.


Financial Contribution for Term 1 is now due

The Board of Trustees respectfully ask for financial donations from each family to the value of $100 per child for the first two children and $70 for the third per annum.

We ask that you pay $25 per child (for the first two) and $17.50 for the third child for the first term as soon as possible. Alternatively you may wish to pay the full annual donation as a lump sum. Please make payment to the office at school or directly into the school bank account 030960-0112624-00 (child/ren’s name as reference).

Thanks to those families who have already paid. If you require a receipt for tax purposes please contact the office.


Duffy Role Models

On Thursday we met a Duffy Role Model via Zoom. Liana Smith is an Ultra Marathon Swimmer who has recently completed the NZ open water swimming challenge known as the ‘Triple Crown’ whilst raising money for charity.


Thank you

Thank you to our board and FOLS. Also thanks to our parents who have helped with swimming, athletics and netball this term.


Science - Physics

Next term we are planning an action packed science and technology unit with a force and motion focus. We will be exploring simple machines, gravity, push and pull forces, friction and how machines make work easier. We think that the students will enjoy applying their learning to understand familar items such as skateboards, bikes and marble runs. If you want to offer ideas or suggestions for our planning please email Danella


Vaccination Clinic

There will be another vaccination clinic at the Lumsden Memorial Hall next week on Tuesday 12 April. The clinic will operate between 2 - 7 pm. You may walk-in or you can book by phoning the Lumsden School office 03 248 7474 or 027 399 6143.


Fire Wise

This week students have been learning about fire safety. Some of the key messages have been:

  • We use fire for a number of purposes.

  • We need to be aware of safety rules around fire.

  • We should never play with matches and lighters. They are tools for adults.

  • If there is a fire in a building we need to get out and stay out.

  • Smoke alarms help save lives if a fire starts when people are sleeping.

  • We should try to think of two ways out of all rooms so that if one exit was blocked we have another way out.

Thanks to the Lumsden Volunteer Firefighters for offering to visit school this afternoon with a Fire Engine.

Here is a photo of Room 4 students practising crawling out of a smoke filled room. The grey blanket represents the smoke for this simulation.


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