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Newsletter 12 - May 14th 2021

Kia ora koutou

Well it certainly feels like winter this week with the rain on Tuesday then the frosty starts we’ve been having. The frosty start this morning was amplified somewhat at school due to the boiler being out of action. The control panel has a fault in it but is hopefully going to be replaced over the weekend. The fan heaters were on full blast until the sun took over which is always nice after a bitter start.

Road safety in front of the school is becoming a concern which has been expressed by quite a few worried people. We want our children to be safe but need your help in order to make that happen.

· Please use the raised area on the road in front of the bike stands as a crossing. Despite this not being an official crossing it is the safest place to do so.

· Do not double park

· Do not park on the yellow lines or in the bus stops on the school side of the road

If there is no parking space right outside of the school it might be best to park a little further away and walk. Your cooperation in keeping our kids safe is appreciated

There is a working bee this Sunday 16 May at 1:00. If you’re able to come and lend a hand for a while it would be greatly appreciated. See details elsewhere in newsletter.

Just a reminder that next Friday is Pink Shirt day this is being promoted by our Student Leaders and it is a gold coin donation for a good cause. This is all about anti bullying and links perfectly to our school value of being kind.

We would really like to thank Driffield Farming Ltd and Walling Contracting. They have nominated our school as part of the Fuel for Schools programme. This means that we have received money to put towards resources for the school. This makes a huge difference to us. Last year we were able to get three new chromebooks which were put straight to use. Prior to that this programme contributed some of the TVs that we have in classes. Thanks.

Enjoy the weekend, stay warm.

Ka kite ano

Callum Tytler




Welcome to School

It has been great to welcome Riley (Rm 5), Cooper (Rm 1), and Aiden (Rm 2) Wells this week. We hope you enjoy your time at Lumsden School.


Cross Country Training

We are training for the Mid Dome Cross Country so please ensure your child/ren have appropriate footwear for running in as we will be doing this on a variety of surfaces most days of the week.


School Working Bee this Sunday

Jeff Keen has organized a Working Bee for this Sunday 16 May at 1.00 pm. Previously there has been quite a good turnout and it's a case of many hands make light work. If you're able to come and lend a hand for a while it would be greatly appreciated.


Dinosaurs in Room 4

Cole has been learning lots in class and was able to share his picture of a dinosaur with Mr Tytler and tell him all about it.


Buddy Reading

Most Tuesday mornings for the last few years, Lumsden School children have benefitted from the time and dedication of community members who come into school to sit down and read with them. It would be great to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining this buddy reading team. Please contact the school office on 03 248 7474 for any further information. Thank you.


Music Lessons

Piano, guitar, singing.

Lessons will be available at Lumsden School library for individual students or small groups. To register interest please contact Judy Blair on 027 2604415 or with your child’s first and last names, age, and instrument.


Try lessons for four weeks, payable in advance, if your child doesn’t like it, there is no obligation to continue.

Private: $80 for four weeks.

Pairs: $40 each for four weeks.

Guitar group: $30 each for four weeks.

Regular Lesson Prices:

Private ½ hour: $25.

Pairs (same instrument and similar level) ½ hour: $15 each.

Guitar special: groups of up to 4 for ½ hour: $10 each.

These prices include worksheets and music. Students should have access to an instrument for daily practice and a clearfile to keep music in.


Mid Dome Cross Country 2021

Date: Thursday 27th May

Postponement: Friday 28th May

Time: Departing from Lumsden School at 10.45am

Assemble at Garston at 11.30am

Start: 12.00pm (welcome, briefing)

Venue and Race Details: Church paddock (southern side of the Catholic Church in Garston village.) Foot entry

via a gate below the church. Parking – along the Terrace Road (Garston village)

Your child needs to bring:

· Lumsden School Tee-shirt (available from school office to hire for the day - $2)

· Blue or Black shorts

· Suitable running footwear – these are likely to get wet – bring a change of socks/footwear.

· Warm clothing – for before and after the race

· Drink bottle

· Lunch or money if buying from BBQ

· Safety pin for attaching name/age tag

Ages: As at 31st December 2021

Distances: 5yr:400m, 6yr:500m, 7yr:750m, 8yr:1km, 9yr:1.5km, 10yr: 2km, 11yr:2km

Race Order: 6 yr olds, 5 yr olds, 7 yr olds, 9 yr olds, 8 yr olds, 10 yr olds, 11 yr olds (girls then boys)

It is our expectation that parents will transport their own child to and from this event. If you are unable to take your child to Garston or are able to offer transport to other children, please return the slip.


· Children must stay in their Lumsden School Area unless parents have notified staff that they have a specific reason to take their child elsewhere.

· Children will not be returning to classes for schooling in the afternoon, but are encouraged to stay on and support their peers.

· Parents of children that are travelling with other parents will need to make arrangements as to where your children will be dropped off/picked up at the end of the day.

· A reminder that child restraints (car seats/boosters) are mandatory for all children until their 7th birthday, and recommended for children under the height of 148cm if they are 7 years or older. Children’s parents/caregivers need to provide these for parents taking their child to/from the Cross Country.

· If your child needs to take their asthma inhaler along on the day – please inform your child’s teacher.

· Footwear is necessary but spikes are not allowed.


Transport for Cross Country RETURN TO SCHOOL BY WEDNESDAY 19th May

Name: ___________________________________________________

I require a ride for __________________________________________

I am able to transport ____ extra children with seatbelts.

Please note: If you have offered to transport other children, please come to school to collect the children. You will also need to arrange drop off/pickup points for the end of the day with parents/caregivers.

Thank you for your assistance with transport. It is greatly appreciated.

Signature: ________________________________________________



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