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Newsletter 13 - May 29th 2020

Kia ora

Everyone will agree that these are extraordinary times. We have just been through (almost there I’m sure) a period in time that will be talked about and examined by many for years to come. The impact it has had on groups of people around the world has varied, but one way or another we have all been effected.

In light of this, and the fact that you have spent several weeks supporting learners at home, we are making some changes to our term two reporting. There are still going to be written reports and Learning Huis as usual, but with a few changes.

This year Learning Huis will be on June 17 and 18 with reports coming home for students from Year 4 onwards two weeks later in the final week of term. Usually these events are the other way around. Our more junior students will receive their anniversary reports as they ordinarily would but you will still have the option of contributing to these.

The reason for the change is to give Parents/Caregivers/Whanau the opportunity to contribute to the report that comes home if they wish to. Families have had a significant role in student learning over the past couple of months and we would like to recognise and celebrate this. At the Learning Hui you will be asked if you would like to contribute to the report (which is optional) and include a comment or information about the learning that took place at home, or perhaps about the experience. If so you and your child’s teacher will discuss options.

We recognise that for many, school reports are an historical document and record of learning that is kept for many years so this is a way we can record the very unique learning experiences of late. I still have some of my school reports hidden away somewhere and they make for interesting reading, especially in light of my current position!

If you have questions about this please get in touch with your child’s teacher or myself. There will be a booking sheet coming home on Wednesday next week, which will be two weeks before the first hui.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend, the weather is looking great which is welcome.

Ka kite ano,

Callum Tytler

Acting Principal



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