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Newsletter 22 - August 14th 2020

Kia ora

I heard Ashley Bloomfield state last week that it was not a matter of if Covid would return, but when. I certainly didn’t think it would be that soon, I don’t think many of us did. Thanks to everyone who has responded to the survey I put out to parents yesterday. Although we’re all hoping Alert Level 3 and 4 won’t eventuate, we need to have a plan in place just in case. The information we receive from you helps immensely, so thanks.

This week at school we have gone through a large number of tissues. If your child is unwell please keep them at home until they have recovered, this is important. Coughs and colds can spread quickly through a classroom even while we maintain personal spacing.

We’ve had a wee but of a problem with our pie warmer this week. If you are sending along a heat-up for lunch please make sure it is wrapped appropriately in tinfoil and that any container is not over-filled. Your assistance is appreciated.

Not everything is doom and gloom though. As I write this I can hear a class (let’s call them Room 1) singing. It sounds great and I’ve found myself humming along with them. This week there’s been lots of great things happening around the school. The new pieces of furniture have been put to good use and right now they’re being used by a group of Room 2 students. We’re lucky to have such a great space!

Also, congratulations to Tia and Tori who were the overall winners of our Lumsden School speech competition. The judges reported that it was a difficult decision and that the overall quality was very high.

It’s also been New Zealand Maths week and I know there have been some really cool maths things happening in classes too. Here’s one for adults. I’ve some chocolate here for the first adult to correctly answer this maths question:

Sarah and Lana call a cab. The taxi driver charges $1 flagfall when they get in the car.

The charge is then $2 for each kilometre they travel.

They have $23 between them.

How far can they travel?

Send me an email with your answer and I’ll announce the winner next week. Just to be clear, staff are exempt from entering!

Hopefully the announcement tonight will be good news. Either way, look after yourself and those around you. A bit of kindness towards others is always welcome but in these unusual times it might have a bigger effect than you realise. Kia kaha.

Ka kite ano,

Callum Tytler

Acting Principal



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