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Newsletter 24 - September 17th 2021

Kia ora koutou

Although we’re not back to normal, we are well and truly into the new routines that being at Level 2 requires. Our students are quite amazing and have adapted well to the reintroduction of the protocols we need to follow. There are a few changes this time around and we’re grateful to all of the parents who have remembered to scan or sign in when they are on-site, this is quite important.

It is impossible to predict whether there will be a return to Level 3 or 4 or not. Regardless of that, access to learning online (in many forms) is an important part of education, whether students are at school or at home. Safety while online is something we take very seriously and is reinforced frequently in class.

With online safety in mind, John Parsons is booked in to spend the day with us next term in week five, Tuesday 16 November. We will run a parent evening again after he has spent the day in classes and at our staff meeting. John is highly sought after and speaks to people around the country about safety while using the internet. He is able to offer some practical, easy to implement ideas to help keep you and those you care about remain safe while online. He is always happy to answer any questions you might have. Please put the date aside, you’ll be glad you did.

Swimming begins next term...if the pool roof is finished. It’s been quite exciting to see the new roof going on. Hopefully, it will be completed on time as it has been delayed a few weeks due to Covid. If all goes to plan, we begin Monday 18 October with our swimming lessons. Last year these were in term one so it has been a while. Each class will have a lesson with the swimming instructor lasting about 30 minutes. The timetable at this stage is:

Room One: 10:00 to 10:30

Room Two: 10:30 to 11:00

Room Three: 11:00 to 11:30

Room Four: 11:30 to 12:00

If you are able to come down during that time to help with supervision while your child’s class is swimming it would be greatly appreciated. Please let your child’s teacher if you will be able to help out.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ka kite ano

Callum Tytler



Lumsden Values SILVER AWARD Winner

Jase with his Silver Award Certificate, having earned 40 Gotchas so far this year.


School Photos

Order forms have been sent home this week—please return all orders to school by Friday 24th September. If you wish to order after this date you will still be able to by contacting the photographer directly.



We have had a couple of cases recently so please be vigilant in checking your child/ren’s hair. Thanks.


Having Fun with Science in Room 2

On Monday Room 2 carried out a science experiment. We had to describe the odour, colour and the texture of all the ingredients for our experiment before and after the reaction occurred. We stirred the baking soda and dishwashing liquid together. We added the white vinegar into the cup outside. It caused a reaction and foamed up out of the cup. If you kept mixing it the reaction kept occurring and rising.

From Room 2


Northern Primary Golf Tournament

There is an opportunity for Year 6 students to attend a Golf Tournament in Mossburn on Wednesday 27th October (postponement day is 3rd November). Teams of four students compete in a fun team competition. All teams require their own team manager so participation will be dependent on having parents available to supervise during the day. If you are able to help out please contact Callum or the school office by next Friday, 24th September, as team entries close this term.


School Lawns

We have an alphabetical roster of all school families for mowing the area at front of school and by the staff carpark. Each family gets a turn once every 2-3 years. Here are the guidelines to follow:

¨ Pick up the school mower shed key from the Four Square Supermarket

¨ Check the mower has fuel and fill from can in shed if necessary. Please let the school know if petrol can is low and we will refill

¨ Check the map attached to the mower showing which areas to mow

¨ Catcher loads of grass can be emptied around the back of the school next to the sports container. Top mower up with fuel, when finished and return key to Four Square Supermarket.

The roster for the next few weeks is:

· 25/26 September Ferris Family

· 2/3 October Fitzsimmons Family

· 16/17 October Gill Family


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