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Newsletter 27 - October 29th 2021

Kia ora koutou

What a great week we’ve had! There have been lots of great things happening in classes and on Wednesday a small team of seniors competed in the Primary Schools Golf Tournament held in Mossburn. They did exceptionally well, placing fifth in the competition. A huge thanks to Jacob and Fraser who were the team managers.

Covid continues to make its presence felt and the news this week that it has slipped into the South Island is not what we wanted to hear. Last term we had a lockdown with very little notice which made it challenging to get resources to those that need them most. Yesterday we began making hard material packs with about two weeks worth of learning tasks for every student, just in case we have a move back up the alert levels. These packs will come home as soon as we finish them. Please put them away in a safe place, it is important that they are not used unless we return to distance learning.

Please remember that John Parsons is here on 16 November. There will be an evening with John that night, finding out about how to stay safe online. It will be a worthwhile use of your time.

Have a great weekend everyone

Ka kite ano

Callum Tytler




Buddy Reading

Most Tuesday mornings for the last few years, Lumsden School children have benefitted from the time and dedication of community members who come into school to sit down and read with them. It would be great to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining this buddy reading team.

Please contact the school office on 03 248 7474 for any further information. Thank you.


School Lawns

We have an alphabetical roster of all school families for mowing the area at front of school and by the staff carpark. Each family gets a turn once every 2-3 years. Here are the guidelines to follow:

¨ Pick up the school mower shed key from the Four Square Supermarket

¨ Check the mower has fuel and fill from can in shed if necessary. Please let the school know if petrol can is low and we will refill

¨ Check the map attached to the mower showing which areas to mow

¨ Catcher loads of grass can be emptied around the back of the school next to the sports container. Top mower up with fuel, when finished and return key to Four Square Supermarket.

The roster for the next few weeks is:

· 30/31 October Hamers Family

· 6/7 November Gwilliam Family


For Sale: Reusable Produce Bags

We have some reusable produce bags suitable for fruit/vegetables for sale, $13.00 for a pack of 4 mixed bags. Please contact the school office if you are interested.


Northern Golf Tournament

A big thank you to Jacob Preiergaard-Petersen for managing the Year 6 golf team at Wednesdays primary school tournament in Mossburn. Learning golf skills and safety, and having fun was the focus. Some great golf shots by each team member. Well done to you all.



Some children have had headlice recently – They’re obviously doing the rounds.

Early symptoms:

Itchy scalp, especially behind ears. You may see live lice on the scalp, or hard, pale grey or yellow-white eggs like grains of salt attached to the hair, close to the scalp.

Some ‘preventatives’ you could do at home are:

Regular hair brushing with a fine toothed comb (this way you’ll have more chance of ‘spotting’ any lice, too, as they’re very hard to see with the naked eye)

Use conditioner once a week and run nit comb through

Do not treat with product unless child actually has headlice, as immunity can be created.


If you find live lice or unhatched eggs, treat your child as soon as you can with an approved product.

Clean hairbrushes and bedding

Exclusion from school:

Children with live lice need to stay away from school until treatment has started.

Please be vigilant in checking your child/ren’s hair.



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