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Newsletter 4 - February 25th 2022

Kia ora Lumsden School Community

We have had another amazing week at Lumsden School. I have asked teachers to send students who are working hard in their writing to see me in my office. I have enjoyed reading a variety of stories and celebrating their achievements. As part of our school goal setting for 2022, staff and the board are very keen to raise achievement in writing. We will be innovating and exploring lots of ways to do this across the year.

Structured Literacy

For those of you who are really excited by our Structured Literacy Journey, here is another video which gives more details about how children learn to read and spell. Video: SPELFABET

If your child is in Room 1, please ask them to tell you about the Floss Rule. They have been learning this week about doubling the final consonant of closed syllables that end in ‘f’,’l’, ‘s’ or ’z’. Can they correctly spell cross, dress, spill, stuff, grill and chill?

PB4L - Positive Behaviour For Learning

Thanks to all the parents who have given us feedback about PB4L. We have had some rich conversations following some thought provoking comments by parents. This has really helped us think more deeply about how we revise and refresh our approach. Please complete this short survey by Monday 28 February if you would like to contribute but haven’t had the time yet. We will keep you informed as our ideas take shape.

Our School Board

Our board meeting was held on Tuesday 22 February. We welcomed Ruth Fitzsimmons as our new Board Secretary and Oleta Crawford as an additional co-opted Board Member. Thanks to all Board Members for their contribution to the smooth running of our school. We appreciate all the work you do to ensure everyone’s safety and support a positive learning culture in our school.

Maternity Leave - Position Advertised

If you know any passionate and inspired teachers who might want to join our positive and caring team, please share this link to our fixed term New Entrant teaching position.

FOLS Working Bee Thursday 24 February

I want to say a special thank you to the families who helped dismantle and cart away the rotten and dilapidated garden beds on Thursday afternoon. It was very hot and your time and energy was appreciated. The children enjoyed helping and playing together. It was nice chatting informally and having a workout at the same time. I think the ice blocks were a highlight for the children. Thanks FOLs for organising this event.

Pop-Up Vaccination Clinic Lumsden Memorial Hall - Friday 25 February

The Vaccination Team from Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust in Invercargill are running a pop-up Vaccination Clinic in Lumsden today. If you would like to be vaccinated, boosted or want your children to be vaccinated please go to The Memorial Hall between 10 am - 4 pm today.

The Shoemaker

“Open for business! Shoes for sale!” The little shoe maker Sam was selling a limited edition red and pink high heel, just then a woman stood outside the shoe shop and gasped, “what a delight!” “Thank you, it’s on sale for $75.” The lady grabbed her purse, then all of a sudden a moving shoe shop parked behind the lady.”More shoes!” Cried the lady with delight, as she clip, clopped on her heels towards the car looking at a man spinning his shiny golden walking stick. “Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow! I will- $500?!?” “Er.. $400?” “No way! The man quickly sprung to action and made the high heels $50. “$50?” The lady spun around. “Yes please!” said the lady happily. That night Sam made little golden shoes and walked over to the man as he passed the shoe box to the man. The man put on the shoes and was so happy he put himself out of business! By Kadeigh McLean


We now have our own long jump pit and our main sand pit topped up with fresh beautiful sand. Thanks very much to our sandpit project committee and Sarah Falconer for getting this going so quickly. A special thank you goes out to Jeff Keen who dug out the perimeter for us this by hand.

Fuel for Schools

This sponsorship programme has helped put over $1.4 million of resources into more than 400 rural schools in the last fourteen years. It's very simple. Customers can nominate a participating school to receive 50 cents for every 100L of bulk fuel they have delivered. So as we keep your wheels turning you are giving back to your local community too. Once a participating school reaches their $1,000 target / goal they can redeem from the variety of technology, sports or literature packages on offer. It’s just that simple. The more people involved and nominating a school the sooner they will be rewarded. Register here

Danella Smallridge


Lumsden School


Phase 3 of Red Level Started at midnight last night. The definition of close contacts has now changed. This flow diagram is helpful in deciding who needs to stay at home.


Mossburn Netball Club - TRIAL DATES for 2022

Adults - Thursday 10 March, 7pm

Adults/Year 10-13 - Tuesday 15 March, 7pm

Year 1-6 Thursday 17 March, 4-5pm

Year 7-13 Thursday 17 March, 5-6pm.

All trials will be held at the Mossburn Community Centre. Any inquiries, please get in touch with Sarah Stark, 0211862578.



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