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Newsletter 9 - April 1st 2022

Kia ora, Kamusta, Hallo, Nǐ hǎo, Namaste, Ahoj, Hello and Bula

The term has flown by so fast. It is hard to believe that next week is Week 10. I have really enjoyed listening to some of the Structured Literacy lessons happening in all our classrooms this week. The students are enjoying the routines and the structure. The teachers can already see progress. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of a school community that has made a commitment to following the science of reading so that all learners can become confident readers and spellers.

Have a great weekend!




Book Swap Holiday Reading

In Week 11 on Wednesday 13 April we will be holding a Book Swap at Lumsden School.Students can bring in up to 10 books each. They mustin good condition. These can be dropped off in the morning to Room 3 and each book will be worth one credit each. At lunchtime students can return to spend their credits and select books to take home. Any books left over will be given away to other students for holiday reading.


Working Bee - Sunday 10th April 1pm

This working bee is to remove old wood chips and to replace them with pea gravel in one of the playgrounds. It would be much appreciated if we can get a few people along, as this has to be done! Also, we will have a general tidy up of the grounds and gardens.

Please contact Jeff Keen 021 678 643.



Next week our school will be working on a Get Firewise unit. The students will learn some fire-safe behaviours. They will practise what to do to get out FAST if there is a fire in a building they are in. During this Get Firewise unit, your child or children will bring home your copy of a Get Firewise Family Book. We encourage you to read the story with your child or children and involve all your family or whānau in making your home fire safe. We also encourage you to practise what to do if a fire starts anywhere in your house.


Covid Alert Update

As you may have heard in the media, there have been some changes related to mandates which rolled out at the end of last week. There are more changes being made to the Covid Framework which take effect next week.

What has changed at school?

  • School staff, bus drivers and parent helpers no longer need to be vaccinated.

  • Scanning in is no longer required. Visitors only need to sign-in via our usual visitor book.

Many aspects of the current framework at Red have stayed the same or similar.

  • Masks are to be worn by students in Year 4-6 inside classrooms and buses.

  • Singing and playing wind instruments should be outside.

  • No inside assemblies or performances (unless we have a large enough space for 1m social distancing.)

  • No non-essential visitors on site.

  • Visitors including parents must wear masks.

  • Eating should be outside if possible.


Seesaw Reporting

Thank you to all the parents who attending Partnership Hui this week and gave us feedback about our posts on Seesaw which aimed to show parents how their child is progressing in wtriting and what their next learning steps are.

For anybody who was unable to attend the Hui but would like to share feedback or questions about Seesaw Reporting, please email Danella or your classroom teacher.

We'd love to know if you have seen the posts and what you thought of them. What did you like? What would you like to see done differently?


Lumsden School

What an amazing result for such an important cause. Thank you to everyone who supported us with this special fundraiser for Heart Kids NZ.


Is It Bullying?

When somebody does or says something that hurts others but they didn't mean to that's an accident.

When somebody does or says something that hurts you AND they meant to that's being unkind.

When somebody KEEPS ON doing or saying things that hurt you ON PURPOSE even when you've asked them to stop that's bullying.


Ride Well - Cycling Southland

This week all students have participated in the Ride Well programme with an elite cycle coaching team from Cycling Southland. Our coaches were impressed by the way our students listened and participated fully. Thank you Nicola Stevens, Glen Thompson (Tomo), Eugene Bonthuys and Frankie Thompson.

The students learnt how to check their cycles before they ride. They will use these new skills each time they use our Bike Park cycles. Ask your child/children to tell you about the Cycling ABCD.


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