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Newsletter - Issue 21 – July 5th, 2019

Dear School Friends and Families,

Once more the salt has nearly gone from another term’s hourglass. Hope you have an enjoyable break from school routines as the children re- charge after a busy term.

Next term our overall learning theme will be ‘Trail Blazers’, with particular focus on Explorers and Inventors. This big umbrella has the potential for lots of rich learning across all areas of the curriculum.

Thank you to all of you who were able to come to meet teachers on Tuesday and Wednesday for 3-way Conferences. Great to have that opportunity to discuss/clarify/celebrate children’s learning journeys.

The children will be bringing their own new Duffy Book home today, which they’ve received through government sponsorship. Thanks to Miss Bray who does a great job to administer our Duffy Books programme. She has also been busy ‘weeding’ the library shelves, boxing up old worn ones, and ones that have seldom been borrowed, as we make room for new and up to date publications. There will be a Book Sale in the library early next term, so that school families have the opportunity to purchase our weeded books, which are too good to discard, and children would enjoy ownership of. See inside for details.

Congratulations to our latest Bronze Gotcha Award recipients, Tilly Mitchell, Tori Grant, Amelia Leach and Hannah Muilwyk and Jacob Jiwan. Great to see the new photos on our wall, which tells us that our Lumsden Expectations are being lived out big time.

Thank you to the children (and staff) for coping so well without the boiler heat this week, and without complaint, fortunately with not-too-cold-mornings. Speaking of weather, I hear there is 50% chance it will snow in Lumsden next term, so children should wear one gumboot to school just in case J On that note stand by for Winter Adventure Day information (Ski/Skate day) information early next term.

Ka kite ano

Andrew Watson ~ Principal


Reminders: · Download the School Stream app to receive texts and updates - Go to download to download · For Bus transport information go to


Looking Ahead 2019


Primary Principals’ Industrial Action

Primary principals across the country have voted to reject the government’s offer for settlement of our negotiations. The government failed to make an offer that addresses our key issues. We are concerned that little is being done to ensure that being a primary principal is seen as an attractive career option.

While I’m really happy that our teachers won back parity with their secondary colleagues, the same wasn’t offered to primary principals. We think that if parity with secondary is fair for teachers, then surely it’s fair for principals.

The offer also would have seen some principals in smaller schools paid less than some teachers in larger schools. It’s important that all communities are able to attract teachers into becoming principals, and that won’t happen if they can earn more as a teacher.

As a sign of our concern we have voted to withdraw the goodwill we extend to the Ministry of Education work that is additional to our day to day role running schools. I will not be participating in any form of work programme, taskforce, meeting with or reporting to the Ministry between July 8 and August 16. I will continue my professional leadership of the school during this time.

Principals continue to hope that the government will hear us and address our issues. We are committed to continuing our campaign until they do, and in the meantime I am grateful for the public support that has been shown.



Lumsden School Website

This is to let you know our new website is now live!!! Check it out at


School Fun Run

Thanks so much for participating in the Lumsden School Fun Run!

We raised approximately $2, 500 (nett) to go towards new sports equipment, so thank you all again! The event proved to be a great day and it was fantastic to see all of our students getting involved.

We’ve just had word that certificates and prizes will be arriving early in Term 3. Thanks again for supporting your child and our school!


Bronze Award Winners

Jacob, Hannah, Tori, Amelia and Tilly with their Bronze Award Certificates, having earned 20 Gotchas so far this year.


Entertainment Memberships - Book or Digital

Support Lumsden School as a fundraiser for sport and play resources. Some great savings at many attractions, restaurants, accommodation etc. You can purchase an Otago/Southland membership and reap the benefits or give as a gift to someone elsewhere and order a membership from another region especially for them. $60 for a 12-month membership. Order online or give Trish a text/call to organise 021 02432741 Thanks for your support.


Hockey Results

Tia, Ava and Tilly’s team won the Girls Year 5/6 Eastern Southland Hockey Competition on Monday night.

The girls were part of the White Team with kids from Garston, Lumsden, Dipton and Balfour.

They played an amazing final, winning 1-0. Ava scored the only goal of the match.


Rugby Results from 29th June

Rippa played Te Anau and Riversdale POD – Rosy Reed POD – The whole team!!

C grade 1st year tackle played and won against Riversdale 10-4 POD – Sam Worker

C grade 2nd year tackle played Riversdale and won . POD – Charlie

B grade combined Lumsden Balfour team played Midlands and won 57-15 POD – Cooper Wilkins POD – Sawyer Jones

Rippa had their prize giving on Wednesday Coaches Choice award – Duncan McFadzien Fans Choice award – Sylas Gwilliam Players Choice award – Rosy Reed

What a great team. We started the season with only 5 players and quickly went on to have 13 players. 3 of the bigger children went on to play 1st year tackle and that left us with 10 most Saturdays. Next year we hope to move 4 more kids up to tackle (if they want). We normally start Rippa in the second term of the year, so if you are interested keep an eye on the school newsletter.

Special thanks to McBride family, Luke Mullen and Angela Reid for helping on Saturdays and coaching. Your help and support is really appreciated.



Did you know that Girl Guiding New Zealand has programmes for girls that don’t live near a physical unit?

Pippins (5-7), Brownies (7-9), Guides (9-12), and Rangers (12-17) can be a part of the Aotearoa team, where they receive programmes by post, internet, or whatever means suits your daughter best.

The girls are linked up with the nearest unit for camping and adventurous activities. We have awesome units in Invercargill, Dunedin, Central Otago, and Queenstown Lakes, so girls living in the bottom half of the South Island have access to many different activities.

Your daughter will get the best of both worlds, receiving her programme at home and also being invited to events across the bottom half of the South Island!

To enquire about our Aotearoa programme, contact our National Office on 0800 22 22 92, or email the Aotearoa Coordinator Kathy at


Upcoming Events


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