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Newsletter 5 - March 4th 2022

Kia ora Lumsden School Community

This term is flying by and it is hard to believe it is the end of Week 5 already. I am looking forward to sending everyone a recording of our Special Assembly next Thursday. It will be two recordings: one focussed on our integrated inquiry designed to bring our school vision and values to life; and another with the presentation of certificates for Athletics Day.

PB4L - Positive Behaviour For Learning

Thanks to all the parents who have given us feedback about PB4L. Our discussions in the staffroom have been around the way that PB4L has evolved over the past few years. Our approach at Lumsden School is more closely aligned with a PB4L Restorative Approach now rather than a purely punitive model. By focusing on building and maintaining positive and respectful relationships across school communities, PB4L Restorative Practice gives school staff best practice tools and techniques to maintain and restore relationships if things go wrong. PB4L Restorative Practice has four underlying principles:

● Positive interpersonal relationships are a major influence on behaviour

● A culture of care supports the mana of all individuals in the school community

● Cultural responsiveness is key to creating learning communities of mutual respect and inclusion

● A restorative approach leads to individuals taking responsibility for their behaviour.

This image shows various approaches to managing behaviour in a school setting. The Restorative Approach is about working with students to solve problems and repair damage. Relationships are central to this approach. As part of our work making Lumsden School a more positive restorative place, Room 1 students have been undergoing training as peer mediators. Learning the skills to help others solve disputes is an effective way to become more skilled at solving your own problems as well. Today at assembly, Room 1 will teach the rest of the students about how Peer Mediation works.

Over 70% of parents who replied to our survey were keen to see a whole school reward day introduced as an incentive for positive behaviours. The staff are hoping to see a greater sense of community develop as part of this. Athletics Day - Thursday 3 March Thanks to our parent helpers Amanda Thwaites, Trish Gill and Noortje Hamers for their support in running activities yesterday. It was a fantastic day and the students all tried hard and gave all the events their best shot. I was impressed with the way everyone encouraged others and cheered them on. The weather was very hot and we will run the relays today. Certificates will be presented next week and recorded so our community can celebrate the students' achievements with us. There was a lot of work that went in behind the scenes to make the day happen. Thanks to our Deputy Principal Lana Stevens for all her work organising the timetable. Thanks to all the teachers for working with the children in preparation. Thanks to Jeff Keen for designing the long jump pit and digging the perimeter. Thanks to Sarah Falconer for arranging the sand delivery. Thanks to Pete Wilkinson for the loan of his high jump stands. Thanks to Sharlie Morton for her amazing work with measuring and marking all our tracks.

STAR Students - Celebrated at Assembly Last Week

Thank You Fuels for Schools

Last Friday we were presented with $2000 worth of new sports equipment by Russell from South Fuels. Thanks to all the parents who have signed up so that their farm fuel purchase can contribute to our school. This sponsorship programme has helped put over $1.4 million of resources into more than 400 rural schools in the last fourteen years. It's very simple. Customers can nominate a participating school to receive 50 cents for every 100L of bulk fuel they have delivered. So as we keep your wheels turning you are giving back to your local community too. Once a participating school reaches their $1,000 target / goal they can redeem from the variety of technology, sports or literature packages on offer. It’s just that simple. The more people involved and nominating a school the sooner they will be rewarded. Register here

Danella Smallridge


Lumsden School


Community Pool Consultation

The Northern Community Board is consulting with their community about setting a new swimming pool rate to support the Northern Southland and Mossburn pools. We are posting out a letter and survey to all ratepayers in the area. If you would like to to read more information around the possible pool rate, you can find the report on page 13 of the board's December meeting agenda here

A link to to survey is available here;

For those wishing to return their paper survey, feedback boxes can be found at the Brown Trout Cafe in Athol, the Garston Post Office, Lumsden Four Square and Challenge Mossburn from 1 March 2022.


Cub Camp 2022

We had fun over the weekend! All cubs from the Balfour Scout Group went on camp at the Balfour Scouts Den. Cubs are kids aged between 7 and 10. We usually get together on Monday nights to do fun activities. During camp we cooked marshmallows, played spotlight, made our own quiches for lunch and visited the outdoor playground in Riversdale. All cubs and leaders had a great time and are looking forward to the next camp. Noortje Hamers, 027 9374851.


Mossburn Netball Club - TRIAL DATES CHANGES for 2022

Due to Central pushing back the start of the season we have decided to push everything back 2 weeks to line up with that. So new dates are below:

Adults - Thursday 24 March, 7pm

Adults/Year 10-13 - Tuesday 29 March, 7pm

Year 1-6 Thursday 31 March, 4-5pm

Year 7-13 Thursday 31 March, 5-6pm.


Mid Northern Southland Toy Library Fundraiser

The Mid Northern Southland To Library are fundraising to help with their operating costs. Catering items like baking paper, foil, cling wrap and other items such as snap lock bags and bin liners are available. Please order using the google doc. Orders and payment by the end of March for an April delivery. Email once you have ordered, or if you have any questions.



We are now in Phase of Red Level. The definition of close contacts has now changed. This flow diagram is helpful in deciding who needs to stay at home.


Lumsden School Sports Action


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