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Newsletter Issue 32 - October 18 2019

Dear School Friends and Families

Hope the school break went well at your place. We’ve been enjoying lots of holiday news (especially from Miss Madden!).

Thanks to the group of parent helpers who did a great job of completing the new native garden landscaping at the front of the school, supported by Northern Southland Transport and South Roads who supplied and carted the river stones for no cost. Watch this space for further great FoLS grounds development plans!

Looking forward to a great range of events to enrich children’s learning this term, including the senior camp to Dunedin, Pet Day, class Conservation Field Trips, the Firewise safety programme, and later on, the Lumsden’s Got talent show, and various sporting opportunities (cricket, golf and Touch).

A reminder that next will be a longer long weekend for children as it will be a Teacher Only Day on the Friday (October 25), as well as Labour Day being the following Monday.

Thank you for all the responses via Board member phone calls or Survey Monkey over the last few weeks to contribute to the Board’s annual parent survey. These responses will be collated and considered carefully by the board to assist with governance decision-making and future planning.

This Wednesday was Thank Your Cleaner Day, and we were pleased to take the opportunity and time to acknowledge the great work Miss Bray does with her tip top cleaning work, day in, day out. Thank you, Lyn!

Well done to the following children who have got their term off to a great start with Bronze Gotcha Awards: Finlay Jones, Preston Hyde, Maisie Walling, Sylas Gwilliam, and Ryder Wass. A big congratulations to Rosy Reed who received her Silver Award.

On Monday we welcome first year University of Otago teacher trainees Phoebe Miller (Room 4), Jessica Connell (Room 5), and Sage Campbell (Room 3). Phoebe, Jessica and Sage will be with us for their three week posting – Looking forward to having them on board.

Best Smiles Day next Tuesday (School Photos J). Have a good weekend.

Ka kite ano

Andrew Watson




Welcome to School

This week we are pleased to welcome Nixon Ware to Room 4. We hope you enjoy your time at Lumsden School.


FoLS News

We had a working bee the first weekend of the holidays, to lay newspaper and place stones around the school sign. Thank you so much to those of you who committed your time and energy to coming along to help in extremely windy conditions. We really, really appreciate what you are doing for our school. A huge thank you also to Northern Southland Transport and Southroads for donating and carting the stones for the entrance way. There are more great design projects coming.

At our meeting on Wednesday night we had some exciting discussions around the many things that FoLS does to support the school. One of these is Pet Day BBQ. We would like to continue the momentum of caring for our Environment by NOT SELLING BOTTLED WATER this year. So can you and your family please bring drink bottles to sustain you through the day? The coffee lady should be there also.

Furthermore, we would like to hold a BAKE SALE as well as the BBQ. So if manning the BBQ is not your thing, perhaps you can donate some yummy baking for the bake sale instead? (See additional information from Sarah Cooper).

Linzi Keen

FoLS President



Annual Survey Reminder

This important opportunity for feedback and ideas from parents has been extended till Sunday (20th October). Responses will be treated anonymously, and will be much appreciated as the board considers its future planning. Link:


School Photos

Our school photos are on Tuesday 22nd October starting with family photos at 9.00 am. If you have students at NSC to be included in family photos please be here at 8.50 am. Thanks.


Bible in Schools Donations

Donations towards the cost of books for the children who attend Bible in Schools would be much appreciated. The approximate cost for each child is $7.50. Please send any donations along to school in a named envelope. We can then forward these on to the LBK Presbyterian Church who provide the books.


Lumsden Values SILVER AWARD Winner

Rosy with her Silver Award Certificate, having earned 40 Gotchas so far this year.


Lumsden Values BRONZE AWARD Winners

Preston, Maisie, Finlay and Sylas and Ryder with their Bronze Award Certificates, having earned 20 Gotchas so far this year.


School Lawns Roster

We have an alphabetical roster set up of all the school families for mowing the school lawns so each family only gets a turn once every couple of years. If the date doesn’t suit please contact the school and we can swap as necessary. Thanks for your support with this.

Here are the guidelines to follow (if you have any queries please contact the school office):

· Pick up the school mower shed key from the Four Square Supermarket

· Check the mower has fuel and fill from can in shed if necessary. Please let the school know if petrol can is low and we will refill

· Check the map attached to the mower showing which areas to mow

· Catcher loads of grass can be emptied around the back of the school behind the sports container (container closest to carpark).

· Top mower up with fuel, when finished and return key to Four Square Supermarket.

The roster for the upcoming weeks is:

26/27 October Hejzlar Family

2/3 November Henry Family


Jerome Kavanagh

Jerome Kavanagh sharing his special traditional Māori musical instruments and stories behind them during his visit to us this morning.



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